Digital Footprints


I decided to sign up for DigiFoot12 in part because I think the experience will be interesting and, on the other hand, because of something I recently read in Jacob Neddleman’s The Heart of Philosophy :

“It remains to be said that the effort to think together, to work with each other in the search for truth, is the most urgent need of our common life today. Where previous eras may have been dominated by the vision and moral power of great individuals, our own time seems to require something different. Today, perhaps, the immense complexities and imbalances of both our world and our personal lives are beyond the grasp of any one of us alone. From where will come the energy and the intelligence we need, if not in the community of people who know how to come together to listen to each other and confront their deepest questioning together?”

In other words, to expand one’s Personal Learning Networks is a wise thing to do (also see, The Wisdom of Crowds). Allow me thus to introduce myself. My name is José Alvarez-Cornett. I am a multidisciplinary generalist, world citizen 2.0, with many intellectual interests to keep myself tied to only one profession. My original educational background is in Theoretical Physics (Central University of Venezuela, 1981). I did graduate studies in Geosciences at UC, Berkeley, and have an MBA, from the University of Southern California, 2000, Los Angeles, California. I also had a 3-years-life experience (1992-1995): living, exploring, working, and studying Chinese language and culture at Beijing Language and Cultural University in Beijing, China.

Professionally, I have worked as a field geophysicist and a manager for several Oil & Gas companies and have also held business managing positions within the IT industry. I have special interests in Biomimetics, Futures Studies (foresight in UK parlance, prospective in French), large group intervention methods (World Cafe, OST), science communication, and digital technologies and infotention. I am also the curator of Social Media, Social Might.

I look forward to contribute to the group in the days ahead.

I live in Caracas, Venezuela. My Twitter is @Chegoyo .



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