Seuketat: What’s in a name?

"Calls are essentially questions. 
They aren't questions you necessarily need to answer outright; 
they are questions to which you need to respond, 
expose yourself, and kneel before." 
Gregg Levoy 

In 2001, I bought a book called Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life by Gregg Levoy. Some years later, when I thought about creating my own blog, I chose an enchanting name that I found while reading Callings: Seuketat.

But, what does Seuketat mean?

In chapter 1, Gregg Levoy tells the story of Emmy Award winner, Gordon Hempton, a man with the unusual profession of a sound tracker or an acoustic ecologist. In short, Gordon Hempton goes around the world recording sounds. Once, while he was recording frogs and dripping water sounds  in Sri Lanka, he had a sudden panic attack, an intuition of danger, that made him run away to safety. Though his logical mind was telling him there was nothing to run from, his listening ears and his intuition insisted that there was something out there lurking.

He decided to leave his equipment behind and run for his life. When he returned the film footage showed that moments after he left a leopard had been where he was. That kind of intuition in Eskimo language is called Seuketat. It means having the ear of an animal, this name describes a person who can listen to the wind and tell you the length of a pine needle.

We all need to have this kind of awareness to seek an authentic life.

Be silent so that you can listen.


PS: This a post for Connecting Courses (ccourses14)



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