My name is José Alvarez-Cornett ( @Chegoyo in Twitter). I am a multidisciplinary generalist, world citizen 2.0, with many intellectual interests to keep myself tied to only one profession. My original educational background is in Theoretical Physics (Central University of Venezuela, 1981). I did graduate studies in Geosciences at UC, Berkeley, and have an MBA, from the University of Southern California, 2000, Los Angeles, California. I also had a 3-years-life experience (1992-1995): living, exploring, working, and studying Chinese language and culture at Beijing Language and Cultural University in Beijing, China.

Professionally, I have worked as a field geophysicist and a manager for several Oil & Gas companies and have also held business managing positions within the IT industry. I have special interests in Biomimetics, Futures Studies (foresight in UK parlance, prospective in French), large group intervention methods (World Cafe, OST), science communication, and digital technologies and infotention. I am also the curator of Social Media, Social Might.


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